NOW, for those would-be Wizards who live too far from our classrooms to attend, we have created a Home-Study course. The course includes all the props, all the access to the instructional videos, graduation certificate and custom-dezined wand.

Mont, How Does it Work??

EASY, EASY, EASY! The full course tuition is $200 which includes registration and all course materials. You will receive all the magic props, Secret KEY card to allow access to the video vault, and home study course instructions in the mail. 

We can only offer the home study course in areas that are not served by our official DISCOVER MAGIC presenters. We will check your location, and if you are in another presenter's area, we will refer you to them for personal hands-on instruction.

Essentially, you start with lesson 1: 
You learn it and practice it, study the lesson 1 videos and bonus tricks, complete an easy homework assignment and email us the completed homework for lesson 1. If satisfactorily completed, we will send you the next "secret word" to allow you access to lesson 2 instructional videos and bonus tricks.

Upon successful (easy) completion of the full course you will receive a really cool graduation certificate and custom-designed magic wand.

OK, Mont! How do I get started?

All you have to do is CALL/TEXT 801-856-2338 or email and say "MONT! Sign Me Up for the Homestudy Magic Course!" We'll answer any questions, take down your mailing information and arrange payment.

Just let us know.